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Libya 3 Days/2 Nights Fascinating,,,,,a life experience

All year round … 2019
Price on request. For further information, please contact us.

Libya 3 Days/2 Nights Fascinating,,,,,a life experience

Welcome to Libya!

You are welcome to unravel the artistic and sensual legacies of the many civilizations that have traversed and settled the rich lands of Libya. You will explore Leptis Magna, one of the largest and best-preserved Roman imperial cities in the world. You will also discover the cultural and historical depth of Tripoli, a city filled with remnants of a grand past.

Accommodation: Victoria Hotel

Accommodation: Victoria Hotel

Tour Highlights

HIGHLIGHTS VISIT 2 WW CEMETERY The 2 WW Cemetery in Tripoli contains 1,369 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, 133 of them unidentified.

ARCHITECTURAL MASTERPIECES Discover the cultural and historical depth of Tripoli, a modern city filled with remnants of a grand past, including the Arch of Marcus Aurelius, the Ahmad Pasha al Qaramanli Mosque, and the Naga Mosque.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL TREASURES Enjoy one day at the magnificent coastal site of Leptis Magna, one of the largest and best-preserved Roman cities in the world.

EXPLORE 20TH-CENTURY TRIPOLI "Italian Libya" Basically, your exploration of Tripoli’s 20th-century Italian architecture heritage will take you through three neighborhoods.

ENJOY A TOUR IN MUSEUM OF LIBYA The museum is housed in the old King Idris´place and is utilises fog screen technology very interesting to explore.

Itinerary in pdf

Libya 3 days and 2 nights tour



Meet & assist on arrival at Mitiga airport and transfer to Victoria hotel in the center of Tripoli. Meet your local English-speaking guide at the hotel. He will inform you about the tour. Lunch and then the tour begins.

Libya’s capital and largest city, Tripoli was founded by Phoenician traders in the 5th century BC. It was later absorbed and shaped by the colonizing influences of the Roman Empire, the Muslim world of the East, the Ottoman Empire and Italian occupation. Today it stands as an eclectic mix of cultures as Islamic, Turkish and local Libyan mores merge to create a rich and colorful heritage.

We drive to Tripoli´s II WW Cemetery, which contains 1,369 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, 133 of them unidentified. There will be also avisit to an old Christian church and much more.

Later catch a glimpse of Tripoli’s old town (Medina). The tour will include Funduq al Zahar, one of Tripoli’s numerous early merchants’ inns; the Clock Tower, an Ottoman Baroque piece completed in 1898, Cathedral, Church of Santa Maria, the 18th century British Consulate, the 17th century French Consulate, the Arch of Marcus Aurelius and the mosques and souks of the medina. Lunch in a local restaurant. (LD)

Day 2: Full Day - Leptis Magna

Day 2: Full Day - Leptis Magna

After breakfast we head for Leptis Magna - one of the most spectacular Roman sites along the Mediterranean coast. Let your guide explain how the Romans lived in this part of their empire and what their favourite pastimes were. Lunch at a local restaurant nearby the site. Dinner at one of many fine restuarants in Tripoli and overnight at your hotel. (B,L,D)

Notice: The museum of Leptis Magna is closed to visitors.

Later we return to Tripoli where you will have a chance to explore 20th century Italian Tripoli. Basically, your exploration of Tripoli’s 20th-century Italian architecture heritage will take you through some neighborhoods. Tripoli underwent a huge architectural and urbanistic improvement under Italian rule. Italo Balbo, the 1934-1940 Governor of Italian Libya, is considered by some Italian historians (like G. Gentile) to be the Father of modern Libya. Overnight at Victoria hotel. (BLD)

Day 3: Tripoli/Departure

Day 3: Tripoli/Departure

After breakfast visit Museum of Libya. The museum utilizes fog screen technology, in which traditional and bulky fixed screens were replaced by projection screens which produce thin curtain of “dry fog" that serves as a translucent projection surface.

Later we drive to the old town with your guide to do some shopping for souvenirs – or just wander around to get enticed by the confusing array of streets and alleyways in the Medina. Have a break in one of Tripoli's cafés before transfer to Mitiqa International Airport for your flight after what it had been unforgettable tour. (B)


• Business visa to Libya. Tourist visa is not available yet.
• Special assistance at the restricted area of the airport
• Private guided transfer from and to the airport.
• 2 nights hotel accommodation in single room at Victoria hotel. See attachment
• Meals: Breakfast at Victoria hotel. Lunch outside in Tripoli and nearby the sites. Breaks during the tour that include coffee, tea, beverages and pastries. Dinner in fine local restaurants Tripoli.
• Private vehicle, exclusively for the tour.
• A guided tour of important culturally fascinating places.
• A dedicated and knowledgeable English-speaking local guide accompanying you throughout the tour. This continuity will allow you to get to know your guide.
• Entrance fees to the sites.

Tour Price Does Not Include:

- Camera and video entrance fees to the sites and museums.
- Extra services in hotels such as phone calls, laundry and room service...Etc.

Visa Procedure

Visa procedure could take up to 10 days. When the Libyan immigration approval is ready, your visa reference code will be sent to the Libyan embassy in the country where you reside and a copy will be sent to you by Sherwes Travel. You have to contact the Libyan embassy in your country to collect your visa.

Requirement: A scanned copy of your passport(s) to be sent to Sherwes Travel´s email or to

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the visa.

Personal Expenses

You will need some extra money to cover any optional expenses, souvenirs and items of a personal nature such as laundry. Foreign Exchange Local Currency: Dinar. Recommended Currency: All money should be taken in EURO or USD cash only, preferably taken in new e 50 & USD 100 notes and EURO in 50 & 100 since they are more readily accepted.

ATM Availability: Very limited availability. Not recommended.

Sherwes Travel Tour Cancellation Policy

• 7-14 days prior to arrival date in
Libya – no penalty.
• Less than 7 days prior to arrival
date in Libya – 50%
• After arrival date to Libya (or without notice) - no refund
• An administration fee of €65 will be applicable to all

Prior to departure, Sherwes Travel reserves the right to cancel a tour, and will provide a full refund of all payments. Sherwes Travel has never cancelled a tour, but would do so at its sole discretion should travelers' safety be of concern. Sherwes Travel is not responsible for expenses incurred by travelers in preparing for a canceled trip.

Once travelers are in-country, Sherwes Travel will provide comparable alternate tour arrangements, if the cancellation of a particular tour is deemed necessary. Should travelers elect not to accept these arrangements, this will constitute voluntary refusal of services, and no refunds will be given. Pro-rata refunds will be made if alternate arrangements are not comparable to the original tour services.
Please note: Domestic flights may be replaced by ground transportation, if the domestic flight schedule renders flights impossible within the constraints of a tour and/or the tour dates; in this case, the missed flights are non-refundable as the ticket price will be used to make alternate land arrangements.

Cancellation by individual members of group tours is handled on a case-by-case basis, as it may require recalculation of the tour price, depending on the number of individuals cancelling (the reduced size of the group may affect the per-person price).

Plasma Hotel**** - Tripoli
This very luxurious hotel is located just steps from Tripoli International Fair and a short walk to the city centre (Martyre Square). The hotel boasts wonderful views of the Tripoli city.
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Bab El Bahar Hotel**** - Tripoli
Bab El Bahar hotel is situated in the financial district of the city of Tripoli, it over looks the coast of the Mediterranean.
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Awal Hotel**** - Tripoli
Awal hotel is a new boutique hotel in Tripoli and with its central location, it offers the very best in modern hotel comfort. WELCOME!!!
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Al Fousulmain.jpg
Four Seasons Hotel (1) - Tripoli
This luxuriously appointed hotel has been designed to reflect the mélange between the modernity and the Libyan traditional hosting.
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Al Khaleejh_01.jpg
Al Khaleej Hotel*** - Tripoli
This charming and affordable hotel with cosy rooms and friendly English speaking staff is an easy stroll to the city centre.
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Al Kabir1_0.jpg
Al Kabir Hotel**** - Tripoli /Closed for renovation.
Al Kabir (Grand) is a 4 star hotel that is surrounded by gardens and offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.
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Al SarayaH_M1.jpg
Al Saraya Hotel*** - Tripoli
The hotel enjoys an excellent location, in the town centre, just a few meters from the lovely Avenue Omar Al Mokhtar and is just opposite Tripoli International Fairground.
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Zumit Hotel*** - Tripoli
An ancient 3 star hotel from the Othman period used since it was built as a hotel and as a rendezvous for convey merchants coming from Africa and Europe.
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Tripoli International Hotel**** - Tripoli
This hotel is very nice. It's only been open for a couple of months so it feels very new and clean.
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Thobacts Hotel**** - Tripoli
Thobacts Hotel, located in the heart of Tripoli City, is within walking distance of Tripoli International Fair, Fatha Tower, Martyre Square and Lido beach.
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El Kh_H.jpg
El Khan Hotel*** - Tripoli
A lovely 16c riad style boutique hotel, very tastefully decorated. The hotel boasts lovely plunge pool and very good restaurant. Perfectly located in the heart of the medina.
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Diplomatic Hotel*** - Tripoli
Diplomatic hotel is a newly opened star hotel and is located in the heart of Tripoli´s commercial center.
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Libya Hotel - Tripoli ***
The central location in one of Tripoli's most dynamic business districts gives you access to reach the Tripoli International Fairground, El Fatah tower and Burj Abu Lila within a few minutes walking distance.
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The Golden Chain Hotel *** - Tripoli
It's a lovely and charming hotel. Only 5 minutes walking distance from Tripoli International Fair.
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Al Okhwa Hotel*** - Tripoli
Al Okhwa hotel is one of the modern hotels in Tripoli and is located in the city centre only few meters from Tripoli International Trade Fair.
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Al Waddan Hotel***** Tripoli
This 5-star hotel is situated in the heart of Tripoli and nestles between the mature trees and shrubs that line the Corniche.
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Al Fousul Al Arbaa Hotel (2) ** - Tripoli
There's an abundance of creature comforts and delights at this centrally located hotel. Close to Tripoli International Fair, Martyre Sqaure and Tripoli's old town (medina).
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Corinthia Bab Africa Hotel ***** - Tripoli
This 5 star hotel is Located in one of the fanciest neighbourhoods in Tripoli.
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Al Kendi Hotel** - Tripoli
It is one of the excellent hotels which is located in the middle of Tripoli city.
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Al Andalus Hotel ** Tripoli
This stylish two-star is located in the city centre of close to businesses, shopping centres and area attractions.
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Assafi Hotel** -Tripoli
The friendly, peaceful 2-star Assafi hotel is ideally located on a small, quiet street and right across from Tripoli International Fair.
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Thuria Hotel *** - Tripoli
Thuria hotel is ideally situated to make the most of any trip to Tripoli.
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Ashajara Hotel*** - Tripoli
Ashajara hotel is a 3 star hotel located in Dahra area, which is in the heart of the city. Its unique location grants the residents an easy access to the Tripoli utilities & services.
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Safwa Hotel*** - Tripoli
SAFWA hotel is a First Class, 3 star hotel that has been uniquely designed in suites. It is located in the the old Italian quarter in the center of Tripoli.
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Zahrat El Khaleej Hotel *** - Tripoli
A charming Hotel that is located in the city centre. The hotel offers a reasonable price for good standard accommodation
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Yousser Hotel Tripoli **
Yousser hotel is located in the Italian old quarter Dahra, close to the Embassy of Italy and Al Wadan hotel.
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Bait Al Sharq Hotel*** - Tripoli
Bait Al Sharq Hotel provides the value for money hard to find in this area.Extremely well located.
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Ny bild.GIF
Radisson Blu Hotel***** Tripoli
Coming soon. The hotel is Located in one of the fanciest neighbourhoods in Tripoli. Location: 800 meters from Green Square.
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Al Rayan Hotel*** - Tripoli
New hotel coming soon.
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New hotel
Coming soon.
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New hotel
Coming soon.
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New hotel
Coming soon.
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New hotel
Coming soon.
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